Built, Renewed. Forgotten.

The things we build, the things we hold dear. The things we forget...
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the interior of an old church with large windows
an old building with ornate windows and arches
This Ivy House: Photo
black and white photograph of an old gothic church
atlas of bone
an old building with many spires and trees in the foreground on a cloudy day
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black and white photograph of an old building with many spires on the top floor
an old building with statues on the front and side of it's tower, looking up at the sky
Not Ordinary Fashion #fashionisart
an ornately decorated stair case with chandelier
Schadau Castle | Thun, Switzerland
an ornate staircase with a statue on it
Cathedral of Liège
an old gothic cathedral with intricate carvings on the front
an old church with many steeples on it
Is this a church for satan or something?
a very strange looking building in the dark
Death gothic church , chenxi kang
an old cathedral with stone walls and stained glass windows
an orange tree with lots of oranges on it and a clock tower in the background
Orange trees