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Dakota Part Douglas Spooky / Puff, the Magic Dragon / Dragon Dak The Douglas Spooky (also nicknamed "Puff, the Magic. Military Photos, Military History, Puff The Magic Dragon, Ac 130, Dakota, Military Drawings, Vietnam War Photos, Naval, Indochine

AC-47 Dakota Gunship: Spooky and Puff The Magic Dragon SAAF and USA

Dakota Part 5: Douglas AC-47 Spooky / Puff, the Magic Dragon / Dragon Dak The Douglas AC-47 Spooky (also nicknamed "Puff, the Magic Dragon") was the first in a series of gunships developed by the United States Air Force during the Vietnam War. More firepower than could be provided by light and medium ground-attack aircraft was thought to be needed in some situations when ground forces called for close air support. British "Waist-gunners" using Lewis Guns in WW2, mostly for anti-aircraft…

 Army Sniper charged with murder on the battlefield in new book, SAVING SANDOVAL! Union Of South Africa, South African Air Force, Tactical Survival, Tactical Gear, Forced Perspective, Defence Force, African Countries, African History, Special Forces

Towards Good Order at Sea

South Africa's armed forces invaded Angola in 1975, setting off a war that had consequences for the whole region that are still felt today. A Far-Away War contributes to a wider understanding of this war in Angola and Namibia. The book does not only look at the war from an "old" South African (Defence Force) perspective, but also gives a voice to participants “on the other side” – emphasising the role of the Cubans and Russians.

Four Flags, The Odyssey Of A Professional Soldier Part Rhodesian Security Forces South African Defence Force Joining The Marines, South African Air Force, Afrika Korps, Learn Hebrew, Defence Force, Fiction And Nonfiction, Us Marines, Paratrooper, African History

Four Flags, The Odyssey of a Professional Soldier: Part 2 - Dave Barr

Four Flags, The Odyssey of a Professional Soldier: Part 2 - Dave Barr

[W I P] Angola Terrain for the South African border war South African Air Force, Dassault Aviation, Army Day, Air Force Aircraft, Military Pictures, Army Vehicles, Cool Art Drawings, Boat Design, Military Aircraft

[W I P] Angola Terrain for the South African border war

Hello guys, as you might have seen, Stratos, Coupi and me are working on a new Angolan terrain that depicts most of Angola and a good portion of then South-...

Baixar ou Ler Online Striking Inside Angola with 32 Battalion Livro Grátis PDF/ePub - Marius Scheepers, Join 'The Terrible Ones' on clandestine operations and in conventional warfare during the harsh bush war that raged. Books To Read, My Books, Brothers In Arms, Defence Force, Military Service, African History, Special Forces, Military History, Book Publishing

Striking Inside Angola with 32 Battalion | Marius Scheepers | conventional warfare Southern Angola

This book presents an eyewitness account by a South African Defence Force (SADF) Signals Officer, Marius Scheepers

Attack on Cassinga (DVD) Military Police, Military Service, Airborne Ranger, South African Air Force, Africa People, Brothers In Arms, Military Training, Defence Force, Tactical Survival

Attack on Cassinga (DVD)

The paratrooper is the elite element of any army, The 'para' is handpicked, formidable and highly trained, using the element of surprise in his attack. He is generally outnumbered in the field, relying on his personal skill and courage to succeed. On 4th May 1978, the South African Defence Force carried out its first ever completely airborne combat mission onto the town of Cassinga. At that period in time, Cassinga was the northern headquarters of the South West African Peoples Organisation…

Mobility Conquers: The Story of 61 Mechanised Battalion Group by Willem Steenkamp Military Photos, Military History, History Books, World History, New Books, Books To Read, Brothers In Arms, Defence Force, Movies

South Africa's Forgotten War - Gary Baines (eBook)

White South Africans who fought in the long 'Border War' to maintain apartheid now find themselves in a country run by their former enemies. Gary Baines examines their continuing struggle to come to terms with the conflict and their efforts to have their voices heard. Published in: HISTORY TODAY, Volume 59, Issue 4, 2009 Author: Gary Baines 8 Pages, eBook format. Download link will be immediately available after checkout.

South Africa before and after News South Africa, Union Of South Africa, South Afrika, New Africa, Military Archives, South African Air Force, Army Day, Military Special Forces

W!ㄷ BRT Well Done Mandela and De Klerk | Awesome Afrikaner Meme on ME.ME

w!ㄷ BRT Well done Mandela and de Klerk. from Facebook tagged as Awesome Afrikaner Meme

melby is coming soon! Beyond The Border, Africa People, Army Day, Defence Force, Photo Essay, Special Forces, Military History, Armed Forces, Troops

CUITO CUANAVALE: 12 Months of War that Transformed a Continent - FRED BRIDGLAND

CUITO CUANAVALE: 12 Months of War that Transformed a Continent - FRED BRIDGLAND

  South African Air Force, Military Special Forces, Defence Force, Military Gear, African History, Cold War, Army, Apartheid, Country

4 Recce operators and Honoris Crux recipients J.J Potgieter & M. Christie Gavin