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a group of stuffed animals standing next to each other in front of a white wall
Sock-tacular Sock Creations (Hebden Bridge)
three knitted cats are standing next to each other with their faces painted blue, orange and black
Sock-tacular Sock Creations (Hebden Bridge)
a woman standing in front of some bushes wearing a pink bow tie top and blue jeans
It's like a pillowcase dress...for big girls. :)
a dress hanging up on a hanger with a bow at the neck and bottom
i wish i was a dressmaker
DIY Dress
a woman is holding up a brown dress
DIY 20 Minute Beach Cover Up
diy beach dress
a woman in a white dress is holding her hands on her hips
DIY Dress!
a woman wearing a white shirt and floral scarf
A Scarf for Spring ~Tea Rose Home Style~
DIY ~ Repurpose an old dress to a scarf...