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Monique Carroll

I'm a photo taking, homeschooling mom, who is always on a mission to find new and exciting things for both my family and my photography. :)
Monique Carroll
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After 911, the Viking Rollo was the first Norman count of Rouen. His successors were called Dukes of Normandy. These dukes increased the strength of Normandy, although they had to observe the superiority of the king of France. They held on to some territory in Scandinavia and the right to enter those lands by sea. The aristocracy was composed of a small group of Scandinavian men, while the majority of the Norman political leaders were of Frankish descent.

Clive Standen Leicestershire, England, as Rollo, the Norwegian Viking - Ancestor of William the Conqueror - Danelaw - Normandy - Ancestor of William the Conqueror - Dane Axe

Ace (fille orpheline partit à l'aventure pour mener une vraie vie ! Amie de ace, solène et Leria Rencontrera les aventuriers dès le début entrain de combattre un ennemi bien plus fort qu'elle (des mercenaire) (niv1) (car perdu)

f Half Elf Wizard sword mage This could be Etalee as a human. Her sass is similar but I don't think she would have that scowl until after her telepathy has been destroyed. Also, I don't imagine her human disguise being a blondy.


If you like handsome vikings, Scandinavia, wild nature and magic, it's a place for you.

Boned Corset “Secret Garden”

Fairies live to be around 180 years old. Every 2 years for a human is like one for the maturity of a fairy. Fairies are the female equivalent of druids.