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a kitchen with wooden flooring and windows looking out onto the outdoors area at trees
An exquisite kitchen in a cabin at Tretopphytter –...
an old building and a newer one in the same photo, both have been demolished
Urban Ghosts Media is coming soon
The grand colonial architecture of Grand-Bassam stems from its tenure as the French capital of Côte d’Ivoire. The French colonial government abandoned the city in 1896, and Grand-Bassam’s commercial dealings dimished from that point onwards. By 1960 – the same year Côte d’Ivoire gained independence from France – Grand-Bassam was all but a ghost town and has remained that way, despite a recent surge in tourism.
a spiral staircase with moss growing on the walls and steps leading down to the top
Overgrown Spiral Stairs in Sintra, Portugal
an old building with red stairs leading up to the second floor and a large window
It must be a dream to walk over these stairs to your bedroom.
Inveraray Castle staircase, Inveraray, Argyll, Scotland, UK
an abandoned building with stairs and windows
Abandoned mansion
the inside of an old building with lots of windows and plants growing on the walls
Castle ruins
an image of a painting that looks like it is in the middle of a forest
Grandmas Dreams
Abandoned Home
an ornate building with many paintings on the ceiling and stairs leading up to the second floor
all that glitters is not gold.
Johann Balthasar Neumann staircase Residence of Würzburg frescoes by Tiepolo
an old house with many windows and balconies on the front porch is seen in this image
Lockwood Estate ca. 1865
Lockwood Estate marooned and desolate in Frazer, PA. Lockwood mansion (“loch aerie”) 1865 Gothic Revival Home. Uploaded on January 9, 2009
an old abandoned house sits in the middle of a field with a small pond nearby
Abandoned Virginia Estate! WHY??? I wish i found one! When there is no owner, where you can buy them when they nowhere on real estate lists is?
an old castle sitting on top of a lake surrounded by trees and bushes covered in snow
Exploring the Hauntingly Beautiful Interior of an Abandoned Castle - I Love Halloween
Château de la Mothe-Chandeniers, is a castle at the town of Les Trois-Moutiers in the Poitou-Charentes region of France.
an old white house sitting in the middle of a field with trees and clouds above it
Old Farm House
an old house on the edge of a cliff