Bolognaise and basil pasta bake

This recipe was born on a weeknight after a long day at work. I really wanted to make cannelloni, but the thought of spending another 30 min.

Hidden Oreo and caramel cupcakes

Hidden Oreo and caramel cupcakes - Michelle van der Spuy

Easy baked cheesecake recipe

I know most people would trade their firstborn child for a piece of chocolate cake, but I am much more partial to a piece of baked cheesecak.

Bran rusks

Every Afrikaans girl should know how to bake rusks. These bran rusks are easy to bake and are the ultimate coffee accompaniment.

Delicious beef lasagna recipe

I know a lot of you are rolling your eyes right now, but maybe you'll feel a b.

So easy and yummy

I love making fridge tarts. They're made from a very simple recipe and can be dressed up with berries and other decorations giving you one v.

Rolo stuffed cookies

I recently discovered a Kenwood mixer in my parents' pantry and decided to test it out with Rolo stuffed cookies.

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