Michelle Timmermans

Michelle Timmermans

Michelle Timmermans
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The Top 4 Lenses for Portrait and Wedding Photography

The Top 4 Lenses for Portrait and Wedding Photography- includes the 'sweet spot' f/stop info for each lens.

Emerald and diamond ring

When I get married I don't want a dimond I want an emerald. Just like this one or better lol Fabergé Solyanka emerald ring. Centered by a carat emerald and featuring 14 baguette diamonds and 251 round diamonds totaling carats. Via Diamonds in the Library.

Okapi mom and baby

The Chicago Zoological Society, which mangaes the Brookfield Zoo, is pleased to announce the birth of a rare hoofed mammal called an Okapi. These are rare animal by the name of okipa They can be found in the Chicago zoo.

Over 100 tutorials to improve your photography via Click it Up a Notch

Photography Tips: Over 100 Tutorials- Great tips that will help you capture those special occasions, holidays and events! All things photography

10 camera hacks you wouldn’t believe possible

In the latest instalment of our DIY Photography Hacks series we show you a simple way to reduce camera shake by using a bag lentils to create a nice support for your camera at low angles.