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Is "done" an emotion? Because I feel that in my soul.

Is "done" an emotion? Because I feel that in my soul.

:)  for the girls someday

I hope that one day you buy every pretty dress you ever wanted. I hope you wear them and dance barefoot in summer and laugh. I hope you smile at all the little things . forget about your scars- inside and out- and learn to be happy.


Have often wondered what life would throw at me. Actually it isn't so bad because I have resources to back me up. Eventually truth is revealed so it's just great.

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"For all of the women who have lost and found themselves a million times, only to lose and find themselves all over again.

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It's just a lot harder to accept it when you're going through it. All the what if's and excuses you make up for him because you can't let go of the fairytale you've created in your mind with that person.

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In the end, it became perfectly clear that I was waiting for something that was just never going to happen with hum, and it was time I got a grip on that.it was time I got a grip on myself too.

Wow!!! Great!!!

(only potterheads will understand) so when george lost an ear, he had half a heart left. When Fred died, that half a heart was taken away as well. (JK JK JK) But still.