TV test...went well into the 70's, when I remember. I used to freak out, like it was the end of the world when this came on....I think it was because of The Outer Limits scaring the crap out of me!

Great TV Shows of the Past

Who remembers when every TV station signed off at midnight, leaving this "test pattern" on the screen? Ah the famous Indian Head Test Pattern.

SABC test pattern - TV only came to South Africa in 1975 and we all stared at this test pattern in amazement for hours and hours :)

SABC test pattern - TV only came to South Africa in 1975 - toe lourens gekom het

we only had 3 channels in the 60s, and they were only on certain hours. the rest of the time, we watched a test pattern.

LIKE if you remember when your local TV station signed off at night! They would always play The National Anthem first!

"During the early days of television, a test pattern was seen on the screen more often than programming."

TV programs ended at or midnight; a test pattern was on until programming resumed the next day. The test pattern meant, "Go to bed!

ABC TV (Australia) Test Pattern...I remember watching this for ages waiting for the programmes to start

ABC Test pattern From back in the days that tv went off air every night.

First ID and Test Pattern. New Orleans Channel 6 , 1948

WDSU-TV, New Orleans.signed off each night, on in the morning

Test patterns

The wild roller coaster of audio and video, psy to VFX, ones and zeroes and the digital divide. Best to avoid completely.

Remember this test pattern??

NBC peacock in the . when color TVs came out, this peacock was the most beautiful thing to see! Over time, the peacock has been replaced just by colors representing its bright and beautiful plumage and NBC remains as one of the national leaders in tv.

Test pattern

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