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Growing and Harvesting Poblano of the finest things on this Earth.

Learn from your expert friends at Veggie Gardner how to grow Poblano Peppers including caring, watering, sun, harvesting and even pests and diseases.


Houseplants tip: Save the water from cooking pasta. Let it cool, then use it to water houseplants.If the soil of your houseplants get algae, loosen the dirt in your pots periodically. Open the doors and windows when temperatures permit to give your house

White Vinegar Weed Killer - The Organic Way - Why buy roundup when you can make your own?

White Vinegar Weed Killer - The Organic Way - This works like crazy! But, I've read not to use it around things that you want to grow! Plus, I'm not throwing the weeds into my compost, because I'm afraid it might jack up the whole process.