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several small pine trees in pots on a table
Learning About Bonsai Trees in Rivière-Trois-Pistoles, Quebec
a tree with different angles and numbers on it
Lesson #2: Developing the form
LESSON #3: PRUNING! Some people really have a difficult time pruning and cutting any branch is almost impossible for them. There's not much we can do to help them. But we can explain WHY we prune as drastically as we do . . . Simply because it produces outstanding results! So here are more no-nonsense explanations presented with the hope you will substitute knowledge to overcome fear and move into training bonsai! THE PRINCIPLES WORK! GOOD LUCK!
a bonsai tree is displayed on a table
two pictures of trees in the snow and one with birds on it, both showing different angles
If You Thought Trees Were Boring, These 10 Will Prove You Wrong. Trust Me.
10. A 3,200 year old tree in the Sequoia National Park.
a bonsai tree in a pot on a table
Promoting and Expanding the Bonsai Universe | Page 3
boxwood bonsai by Francois Gau
a small pine cone sitting on top of a black bowl filled with dirt and grass
'제주꽃집' 카테고리의 글 목록
Bonsai Pine