Carrefour virtual shopping in Gare du Nord

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China's Yihaodian Plans 1000 Virtual Supermarkets Where You'll Shop Via QR ... - Tech in Asia | Using QR Codes The world is catching up and realizing the benefits of having a QR code not just any we have the best and our system is more safer than the banks-

China’s biggest food e-commerce site, Yihaodian, announced plans today to build virtual supermarkets - thanks to AR tech.

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Shopping Buddy a computer shopping assistant introduced in 2003

Fujitsu U-Scan Shopper Trolley designed to eliminate checkout queues

July 2005 Consumers can say goodbye to long checkout lines and hello to the new face of retail customer service: the U-Scan Shopper. Developed by Fujitsu ,

Smart Shopping Carts

IBM made a cool shopping gadget like I've always wished was in stores near me.

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A shopping cart is generally supplied by every shop, especially supermarkets, for customers to use while shopping. These carts are used to transport m.

Klever Shopping cart begins roll-out

2005 Klever Marketing has begun licensing its technologies for electronic display and messaging devices mounted on the handles of supermarket shopping

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iPad shopping trolleys - great stunt with Sainsbury's

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Take your strap mount to the grocery store with you and have your item list right in front of you!

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smart shopping cart by SK telecom - pilot testing of a 'smart cart' program in china's shanghai lotus supermarket with a shopping art service that integrates with smartphones to provide store and product information tailored to user's needs.

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A partnership between Sainsbury’s and Sky is allowing shoppers to watch key sports events using iPad-enabled shopping carts