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#wattpad #random (MANXBOY/BDSM)Theodore didn't quite know how to react to this vampire's gentle touch and sweet words, his skin was cold and his eyes were sharp and serpent-like, but his gaze on Theodore was always so soft and easy, like he were desperately trying not to scare the poor boy. Could he really impress...

Thats a bigger version of my old picture from Amadeo, maiby you remember. I send it to a fan from me. Hope she takes care of it.

"Stiles Stilinski inspired outfit" by nzart11 on Polyvore

how to dress like stiles

"Teen Wolf - Stiles Stilinski Inspired Concert Outfit" by staystronng on Polyvore

"Teen Wolf - Stiles Stilinski Inspired Concert Outfit" Don't watch the show, mainly pinning because I like the plaid/batman/skater skirt combo.