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How to create a see through phone in PHOTOSHOP - YouTube

How to create a see through phone in PHOTOSHOP

How to Photoshop your own see through phone. Create yourself some mint instagram content and stand out. Hears a tutorial on how to get that insane instagram ...

The HARDING effect (Godox photoshoot) - YouTube
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The HARDING effect (Godox photoshoot)

A photoshoot with Mr Ruan Harding the Harding effect himself. Powered by godox equipment. We used 2 godox ad200 and one godox P120h parabolic. Creating drea...

Night Photography (long exposure challenge) - YouTube
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Night Photography (long exposure challenge)

Taking you guys on a vlog adventure. Big City night photography. Dodgy in South Africa but we went out at night time to take some long exposure photos.I don'...

H20 PHOTOGRAPHY / 3 Water Photography ideas - YouTube

PHOTOGRAPHY with WATER (I get wet)

Challenged myself to use one prop one random thing aka water to do photography with. To show you that you can get stunning instagram photos with anything aro...

Surrounded by brides - YouTube

We Faked a Wedding (Wedding photography)

So guys we set up a wedding.... well mostly. This is a fantastic way to build a wedding portfolio with no wedding. We got 4 fantastic models to model these w...

Coffee shop Pinterest Photography - YouTube

Coffee shop Pinterest Photography

A trip to Hudsons Burger joint turns into a content creation frenzy. Had so much fun there with everyone. We got some amazing portraits that look like you do...

Neon Photography with Friends - YouTube

Neon Photography with Friends

Welcome back to the channel guys. New video and it all about shooting pretty neon photos with friends. Basically we shot at Menlyn main magic company and we ...

Autumn EDIT in Lightroom CC - YouTube

Autumn EDIT in Lightroom CC

Edit any photo to look like autumn in Lightroom CC. HSL slider tutorial quick and easy to get that autumn effect in all your photos. Edit like a pro in no ti...

Boven Bound a Lifestyle photography journey - YouTube

Boven Bound a Lifestyle photography journey

Boven Bound. Traveling while we have no power at home. So in Boven I show you with the help of Ben and Sabrina to take lifestyle photos for your instagram or...

how to Sport Photography (Ultimate X Demo Sun City) - YouTube
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how to Sport Photography (Ultimate X Demo Sun City)

Fun day out in the sun. Sun City is happening with the Ultimate X comp. Taking you guys with on a Top 5 tips for sports photography. Some Extreme sports fun....

Take better VIDEOS. (Magic Lantern) - YouTube

Take better VIDEOS. (Magic Lantern)

Hy guys. Have you struggled in the past to take sharper videos? Magic Lantern helps you take better videos it provides a ton of different settings that helps...

2018 vs 2019 Whats in my Camera Bag - YouTube

2018 vs 2019 Whats in my Camera Bag

Clash of the years. Whats in my bag 2018 vs 2019. I thought id show you guys my progression in a video. Its a bit long but I wanted to cover the important ca...

OFF CAMERA FLASH in 5 MIN (Beginner tutorial) - YouTube
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OFF CAMERA FLASH in 5 MIN (Beginner tutorial)

Saturday Short Another SS Guys. How to use Off Camera Flash in 5 min. This is for beginners who are starting out with photography. My off camera flash setup ...

Continuous Light Review (DOPE demo style) - YouTube
SwagMen Portrait

Continuous Light Review (DOPE demo style)

Ever wondered Continuous Light or Flash? Here is a little demo and review of how I like the Godox LC500 Lightstick. I show some continuous light portrait pho...


The meaning of colors

What is up guys new video.The emotional effect of colours in photos. Check out what your favourite color is and how it effects your feelings in a photo.Learn...


How to close a 5 in 1 reflector (Basics of photography)

First episode of the Saturday Short series. A highly requested one. How to fold a 5 in 1 reflector. Step by step guide on how to fold a reflector. We all sta...