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small, pretty tattoos

Small delicate tattoos, only type I would ever get (if i ever decide to). I love the bow on the hand and the three birds on the shoulder blade. So simple, yet so pretty :) The bow and card deck

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dandelion tattoo, Dandelion As a symbol, the dandelion flower is the ultimate emblem for persistence and a strong will. It is also thought to represent wishes coming true. Love this idea for a tatt

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"anchor tattoo, Did you know:The anchor tatoo was often used to show that they were Christian while escaping persecution from the Greeks. The anchor tattoo design has become a symbol for stability and a strong foundation." Love the anklets as well.

Tattoo Idea!

I don't get this whole dumb anchor "I refuse to sink" thing. I mean anchors sink. if you refuse to sink get a tattoo of a life jacket or something.

"DIY Temporary Tattoo ♥" by for-the-love-of-tips on Polyvore What you need ♥ ~ a sharpie ~ baby powder ~ hair spray What to do ♥ 1. Draw your tattoo on your skin with a sharpie 2. Rub baby powder on your tattoo 3. Spray the tattoo with hair spray

DIY Temporary Tattoo- What you need: Sharpie, baby powder & hair spray. What to do: Draw your tattoo on your skin with a sharpie, Rub baby powder on your tattoo, Spray the tattoo with hair spray