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Michaela Hannah Enslin

Michaela Hannah Enslin
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This is very true.except that really, how often do naked cuddles just end there? No, naked cuddles lead to naked groping, and that leads to a lot of other things, including filling up the seats of your family minivan.

Grab her ass when girls want her. Grab her ass when girls want you 🏳️‍🌈❤️🍑

The moment men realize this is the way to our heart, and into our pants, all will be right in the world!

This is SO true! I so wish more men understood this and acted on it. The sweeter and nicer you are to us and the better you treat us the more we want to please you and make you happy and meet your needs sexually and otherwise

Yeah? Deal...? You know I'd be up them stairs quicker than you could say boo.... Even just to strip me down & blow my mind away while we engage in a 6....9 perfect. Loads of things planned & loads to do.. Daily, weekly, nightly. Anything you want xxxx

Activate the fuel in me deep I can't sleep. I see demons in my sleep bleed watching me caress these beautiful woman God made for me.

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In Summer I tend to paint my nails more mostly because I like to match my manicure to my pedicure. But when I stop wearing sandals and flip flops and stop dyeing my toenails, I usually neglect my h…