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there are two different views of the same room
Our HIDEit Man Cave Set-up, we wall mounted our PS4 And Our Alienware Steam Machine behind the TV.
the closet is full of clothes and other items
Children's Closet Organized Living freedomRail kids closet. This system grows with your child's needs - from infant to teen. Shelves and brackets adjust instantly without tools. Start with triple hang space for infants and toddlers then change to double hang and long hang later as they grow.
there is a shelf with video game controllers on it and the words life above it
Ultimate DIY gamer's cabinet
Make the Ultimate Gamer's Cabinet! Can we do this when we re-do the game room?
before and after photos of a bathtub with toys on the tub trays in it
Bath Toy Organization
Using a tension shower rod and some baskets from the dollar store, this system for bath toy organization is quick, simple and inexpensive.
two children are playing on the bunk beds in this room, and one is trying to climb up
Sharing some thoughts on this room designed for my two youngest, and how it came together with the Editor of Minty Magazine, Sarah Davies.