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a poster with the words keep calm and get your gi on written in white against a red background
Karate is life. ♥
a poem written in an ornate frame with the words karate greed on it and two swords
karate creed
karate creed - Google Search
a man sitting in a chair next to a plant
Shihan Shigeru Kimura
Shigeru Kimura
a man sitting in front of a bookshelf with a quote on it
banpen fugyo
"Remember that karate is not only karate. It is life! "Gichin Funakoshi, founder of #Shotokan
the basic yoga poses for beginners
Basic Karate Moves ...No Basics - No Karate
an assortment of knives are on display in a glass case with white walls behind it
Images of the Samurai, Japan's Warriors
IMAGES OF JAPANESE WEAPONS | display of samurai swords from Japan in London's Victoria and Albert ...
a man with a beard holding a bird in his right hand and looking to the side
Master Shigeru Kimura (1941-1995) Shukokai
three men standing next to each other in front of a plaque with scissors on it
Four Shihans with Master Kimuras Belt. Shukokai
an image of a person dancing in front of a red sun with chinese characters on it
Shukokai Espoo <3