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Melktert - south african milk tart similar to European custard tarts. filling is encased by sweet shortcrust pastry and is sprinkled with cinnamon. Milk tarts can be oven baked or set in the fridge. South African Desserts, South African Dishes, South African Recipes, Tart Recipes, Dessert Recipes, Cooking Recipes, Custard Recipes, Sweet Recipes, Melktert Recipe

Ouma Hester’s Melktert (Grandmother Hester’s Milk Tart)

A lip smacking variation on the traditional South African legendary milk tart. Ouma Hester has shared this recipe countless times. The Dutch origins of the Melktert recipe can be traced back to the sixteenth century. The recipe is a real winner. It is enjoyed with coffee or tea, or as a desert, and very easy to prepare.