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Tsukishima Kei Levi Ackerman Kuroo Tetsuro Oikawa Tooru Tendou Satori Ayato

Ukitake Jushiro & Kyoraku Shunsui, You're not really clapping Ukitake Bleach, Kon Bleach, Ichigo Y Orihime, Bleach Fanart, Bleach Manga, Manga Art, Manga Anime, Anime Art, Shinigami

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Historia Hitsukarin Bleach no me pertenece ni tampoco sus personajes, Pertenecen a Tite Kubo Aqui no existen los shinigamis todos son simples y corrientes Humanos Espero les guste ♥

 Don't say things like that! Kon Bleach, Bleach Meme, Bleach Rukia, Bleach Funny, Clorox Bleach, Bleach Fanart, Sad Anime, Anime Fairy, Anime Manga

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I just love that part... Adorable! Rukia: C-Chigo! *cries* Why didn't you save me earlier?! I was gonna die! Ichigo: Hey! Don't say things like that! *p... Ichigo

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Bleach Anime Series Blu-ray Set 1 Review

Upon its initial release, the Bleach anime was one of the more-popular series on the market where it rivalled hits such as Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, and the other relatively new anime series at

What you're lacking. by Mizashi on DeviantArt Bleach Fanart, Bleach Anime, Ichigo X Orihime, Otaku, Anime Rules, Bleach Characters, Shinigami, Itachi, Naruto

What you're lacking... by Mizashi on DeviantArt

"...isn't power, aibou. It's instinct. And that's why you'll always be weaker than me." LALALA doodle doodle doodle! That must explain the wonky anatomy... What you're lacking...

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The latest media Tweets from まじゅ (@majuju551). なう沖神/土ミツ/銀魂/NL▷成人済▼無断転載✕ 低浮上のお留守かも→刀垢@mamatoff5. 3食飯付き質素な生活が送れる社宅(ある意味格子付き)

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For my dear friend Filtered versions: Autumn Ulquiorra

If you're curious, this picture is from the Arrancar Encyclopedia after episode I highly recommend checking it out because Grimmjow is super cute i. Wait A Minute. Bleach Meme, Bleach Funny, Me Me Me Anime, Anime Love, Ichimaru Gin, Clorox Bleach, Heart Warming Quotes, Punch Man, Anime Qoutes

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If you're curious, this picture is from the Arrancar Encyclopedia after episode 128. I highly recommend checking it out because Grimmjow is super cute i... Wait A Minute...

From one of the Bleach omakes, don't remember which episode. I enjoy random, questionable anime moments like this. Gin Bleach, Bleach Meme, Clorox Bleach, Anime Nerd, Sad Anime, Anime Manga, Otaku Anime, Bleach Characters, Manga Characters

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Explore the Gin Ichimaru collection - the favourite images chosen by HailFlower on DeviantArt.

This page features Bleach figures from the popular anime titled Bleach. Feast your eyes as Rykamall features these figures and items just for you. Bleach Fanart, Bleach Manga, Bleach Figures, Bleach Funny, Clorox Bleach, Nerd Memes, Anime Titles, Bleach Characters, Anime Qoutes

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