The Low Carb High Fat Debate

Tim Noakes' revival of the banting low carb high fat diet has been roundly condemned by the medical establishment, turning Noakes into a best-seller.

Boost your health with sex

Boost your health with sex

This is what actually happens when you're drunk

What actually happens when you're hammered is Healthy

Beat prostate cancer with sex

Prostate cancer is the most common form of the disease to affect men. Happily, one of the best ways to protect against it is sex.

The Cancer-Fighting Workout

Maintain intensity, fire your neurons and put the squeeze on the big C with our cancer-fighting workout

5 ways to break bad habits

Your brain loves consistency – the good kind and the bad. Here's how to shake five of your most vexing gremlins

How the sun is killing us

For generations, South African men ignored the threat of skin cancer – until guys started dying.

Do you spend too much time online?

Don't be too sure until you've read this

How to beat diabetes

If you want to learn endurance training tips that will help you increase endurance to superhuman levels, then you want to read this article series.

Protect your sperm count

Toxins like PCBs and dioxins not only slam the environment, they also hit you below the belt by reducing your sperm count

Drop cholesterol fast

Anti cholesterol cholesterol diet plan,hdl and ldl cholesterol is cholesterol good,managing high cholesterol what foods can lower cholesterol.

Chest pain: when you should worry

If you've never suffered a heart attack before, you probably think you'd be able to tell when it's happening