Best protein for men

Best Protein Foods For Men

Your new favourite chicken dish

Fresh mango tempers the spicy burn of the hot peppers in an Asian-inspired dish you won& find on the menu at your local Chinese restaurant. Serve this over brown rice.

5 reasons you should eat sushi

The Japanese staple is great for weight loss. Now triple its benefits by simply swiping the right plate at the right time.

Best frozen foods for men

From our 101 best foods for men, here's our pick of the best frozen and convenience foods for you.

Your best braai: chicken

Your best braai: chicken

Your new favourite sandwich

Horseradish Drizzled Fillet On Ciabatta With Rocket

Best foods for your 20's

You invest when you have money, right?

Best foods for your 30's

Best foods for your 30's

Best foods for your 50's

Prawns, turkey, squash and some yoga on the side

Best breakfast for men

Best Breakfast For Men

Why men should eat dark chocolate

Eating Dark Chocolate Reduces Appetite And Energy Intake More Than Milk