Melt Sieberhagen

Melt Sieberhagen

Melt Sieberhagen
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Continental Knitting or Left Handed Knitting Instructions - both knit and purl stitch. How to hold the yarn.

Learning continental knitting or left handed knitting is worth the effort. Step by step guide to purling and knitting continental style.

I don't know exactly what it is about this photo that I like - I think it's the b&w tones. Plus, this guy just looks like he has so much style and swagger...

Lifestyle of the Unemployed. Those rings are sexy. Definitely draws attention to the hands, which are sexy in themselves.

The whole world just needs to drink YourTea and then everybody will be okay.  :)

Camille's Carry-on Essentials: A fresh perspective on the things that really matter when traveling! I love tea too.

Professional funk

A cute and quirky looking plaid nails art design. The fresh color combination of white, green blue, gray and black colors are visually appealing and simply jump out of the nails.