fathers day

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the father's day printable is shown in three different pictures, including a child holding
Fun Facts Father’s Day Printable - The Idea Room
Fathers Day Printable
a coffee mug with the words dad written on it and colorful paint splatters
Easy Father's Day Sharpie Mug Kids Craft
Check out this easy Father's Day sharpie mug kids craft. A super easy craft that will let your child make their own personalized gift for Father's Day.
some candy bars are lined up on a piece of paper
10 Things Kids Can Do for Dad for Father’s Day
Sarah, you're a genius.
the footprints poem is shown with an image of a person's feet
Footprints Poem for Father's day
a tie that says, i love my dad
Father's Day Tie {Writing Freebie}
Fathers Day Tie {Writing Freebie}