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Medical Marijuana - I am unsure if these numbers are accurate, however I am aware that the side effects of medical marijuana are far less than those of many prescription meds. People need the ability to decide if this is the right medicine for them.. if it is effective and safe for their needs

Statistically speaking this is true, no deaths have ever been attributed to marijuana use, while peanuts kill 100 people every single year! Who knew that peanuts were more of a public health issue than weed?

effects of cocaine abuse

Blacks are the assumed drug dealers and drug addicts. In reality, the white man brought these drugs to the U.

Real-Life ‘Tony Stark’ Builds Motorcycle From A Broken Car To Escape Desert

Emile Leray built a working motorcycle from a broken down car (Citroen to escape the Northwest African desert. He did it in 12 days using nothing more than a hacksaw & a few basic items found in a toolbox. Real- life "Tony Stark" from Iron Man?