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Melissa Muldoon

Melissa Muldoon
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Interesting! I never knew this... From this point forward who else will be counting the bumps on their green peppers? #GreenPepper #HealthyEating #VeggieTips

Peppers have genders the ones with 3 bumps are male and 4 bumps female. Female peppers have more seeds and are sweeter, which makes them better to eat raw. The male peppers are less sweet and have less seeds, which makes them better to cook with.

Zombie makeup

Halloween How-To: Zombie! You don't have to buy special makeup .I've used my own makeup creatively like this for years. It's easier to remove and less likely to irritate your skin if you use your own makeup.

Halloween Makeup: Zombie Prom Queen #halloween #makeup

halloween makeup diy inspiration -- zombie prom queen or bride? love the idea of the torn up shoulder, would be great and easy to do with liquid latex

Skull Halloween Makeup

A collection of 21 creepy and cool Halloween Face Painting Ideas that range from disney to fairy to creepy. Halloween Face Painting adds to every costume!