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32 Books Guaranteed To Make You Laugh Out Loud - some of these are great, some were definitely on my to-read list already.

bun with flower crown

A daisy-wrapped bun is the perfect hair for festivals, girls night out, or a romantic date night. Just wish I could get my hair to look like this!

11 Recent Rape Awareness Ads [NSFW]

100 Religiously Inspired Fashions - From Religious Fashion Couture to Austere Convent Editorials (TOPLIST)

A women's body is not a "sex object" it is a work of art and it is our own so leave it alone!

Rape is never the victim's fault. No one "asks" to get raped. Women (and men) should be able to wear whatever they wish without being judged. Rape is always an act of violence and is the fault of the perpetrator, not the victim.