Today we are talking how to prepare for audition. Fear and anxiety usually get the best of us in moments where our performance is evaluated, this could be audition for a part in a play or drama, job interview, presentation, or even public speaking. So how does one overcome such?  Read more on our blog or share with us tricks you've used to help you stay carm.

Confession: I’ve been waking up and going to sleep to the Hamilton soundtrack since it debuted in August and firmly believe

Remembering the Sunday 7 colors we used to cook as a family

Laundromat bliss 1 photo by Drew Roberts ( on Unsplash

The reality of being morally selective

Let’s face it! If I was not black, I probably would not care as much about the struggles that black people face

Our Heritage

I don’t know how many of us know or are familiar with the story of how in Kwa-Zulu Natal, 24 September Heritage Day was known as Shaka Day, in commemoration of the Zulu King,

Dove did not miss the mark, we just spotted it.

Patriarchal systems will break down when women stop holding themselves and fellow women to its ridiculous standards.

I am not a victim Lola Ogunyemi the woman in the Dove Ad

Dove Apologises For Ad Racist Showing Black Woman Turning Into White One

Im a black female, whats your superpower?

There’s just something really powerful about a black woman who knows herself, who knows what she’s about, and who is not afraid to appear timid and emotional, but yet she is a force to be reckoned with

June 16, 1976 As the month of June with all it's festivities comes to a close I reflect upon how far we, as a nation, have come. Yet, in the same breath, I am also saddened by how much we have forgotten.

South African police fire on protestors while wounded Hector Pieterson is being carried by Mbuyisa Makhubo in Soweto City of Johannesburg South Africa; near Phefeni High School June 16 1976

I am black, I am female, and they say I am a problem. When one brings up the issue of race, the “why are you stuck in the past” question never goes unsaid. I guess from my side the appropriate answer would be, “because the years have made no difference and it feels like we’re still in the past”.

We expect things to change or evolve simply because a few years have gone by. When it comes to issues such issues as racism, homosexuality, or rape we expect “time” to deal with it.

So earlier this year, the world went into a frenzy when the Italian government announced that it was considering implementing menstrual leave for all female employees. Now this is not a new concept but its reception remains as sensitive and controversial as ever. The idea that female employees can take three days off without any doctor’s note to accommodate ‘that time of the month’ may sound like heaven to some, but many women are fearfully quick to liken it to anything but heaven.

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How music is important in our lives The greatest minds and thinkers have one thing in common, which is they are constantly exploring their imagination and creativity. Playing the violin challenges me to tell stories without words, which requires maximum right brain usage that exercises ones creativity and intellect.

22 Unexpected Things That Relax People Who Live With Anxiety

Music. Expression. Travel. Music brings cultures together, from the Zulu tribes around the Drakensberg, the healing tunes of the Swahili, traveling right to the smooth harmonised voices in Germany, this piece of science produces mutations of new sounds were new styles are created.

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