Denim dolls

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a doll is wearing a blue hat and glasses with a book in front of her face
a wreath made out of old jeans with flowers and ribbons hanging on the wall next to a light switch
Beautiful wall hanging😍😍
two gnomes made out of jeans are sitting on a shelf next to each other
Denim gnomes - not my photo
blue and white flowers with wooden buttons on top of a cardboard package for crafting
Little+birdie+crafts+-+denim+c 8F6
three pieces of blue fabric with wooden pins in the shape of angel wings on a cardboard package
Little Birdie Crafts - Denim Collection - Beaded Butterflies F4F
a pink doll with braids and a hat on top of a green table next to scissors
a paper doll made to look like a person
a colorful clown stuffed animal sitting on top of a bed
a troll holding a sign that says tella - torubu man