Perfect Rice Krispie Treat

Perfect Rice Krispie Treat

Did 6 TBS of butter, Only did cups of marshmellows and 5 cups of Rice Krispies. The perfect rice krispie treat recipe.super marshmallowy and gooey! Easy and turns out perfect every time!

Campfire bread, baked on a stick recipe.

bannock, campfire bread, baked on a stick recipe. We used to also bring the refrigerated biscuits and then wrap them around the bottom of a stick to make a cup. After it was cooked we would put pie filling in it! Yummy and fun camping food.

South African version of CREME SODA

South African version of CREME SODA, Creme soda just isn't the same, if it's not bright green.

Oondgebraaide lamskenkels | Oven baked lamb shanks

15 x Eenpotgeregte Dis die lekkerste manier van kook. Gooi alles saam – vleis, groente, kruie – en proe hoe goed pas al die geure in net een pot.

This salad is best when made ahead of time. Keep it in the fridge. The salad is liked by everyone, but especially men! Great with a braai/BBQ. I add Salami, spring onions & robot peppers.

Tangy Curry Pasta Salad Recipe - Add fruit cocktail pieces or peach pieces etc.