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"Understand me. I'm not like ordinary world. I have my madness, I live in another dimension and I do not have time for things that have no soul" - Charles Bukowski

I love this. There are two different kinds of naked, physical and emotional. Honestly, being emotionally naked is even scarier than physically. It's laying out all of your fears, stories, and passions out for a person to see.


Shaman Makeup and costuming. Note the use of feathers, furs and the animal headpiece.

How to Grow Out a Pixie Cut Gracefully | Let's Talk About Lipstick | maybe... Just maybe..

Let's Talk About Lipstick: How to Grow Out a Pixie Cut Gracefully. I'll need this when I decide to grow my hair out again!

Best Long Pixie Haircuts

Pixie cuts are a very popular hairstyle normally associated with very short hair. But pixie hairstyles don't have to be confined to short hair. The pixie cut can also be adapted to longer hair as well. Stylish and sexy longer pixie hairstyles are becoming

Love flows, from the beginning. When you meet this person. There is no awkwardness in the sense of the unknown, it is more excitement of what is to come. Yes it can be weird to get to know the other persons ways. But when you like them, all their strange ways seems to be more than okay. That is the beginning of what could be love.

"it sucks when you know that you need to let go but you can't because you're still waiting for the impossible to happen." its sad that I feel this way mostly about people I call friends