Gamification has quickly become a super trend in marketing, customer retention and employee engagement. Check out this new infographic: The Business of Gamification to learn: what gamification is, how it works, facts and stats, business benefits, and how to get started. #infographic

A new infographic by Demand Metric has revealed some impressive numbers relating to how gamification is being used by brands. Scroll down to see the full infographic.

12 Companies Shaping the Future of Digital Health Infographic 10 Medical Innovations Transforming Healthcare Infographic @hitconsultant @deerwalkinc

EMR and HIPAA, 12 Health Care Startups Shaping the Future of Health Care Infographic, Health Care, HealthCare IT, Smart Phone Healthcare

Telemedicine Trends from CDW Healthcare #hospital #tech

Connecting rural communities with care experts, monitoring chronic conditions and other benefits of Via CDW Healthcare

Infographic: Healthcare IT Trends Transforming Healthcare #HIT via @Hitoshi Ohtsuki Consultant Media @CDW_Healthcare

Infographic: Healthcare IT Trends Transforming Healthcare via Hitoshi Nakamura Nakamura Ohtsuki Consultant Media

Treating Heatlhcare with Patient Engagement- Leading Reach

The necessity for patient engagement is growing at a faster rate than ever before. Infographic by Leading Reach.

Did you know you can check all your medical records right on your mobile device? #EMR Medical Billing Services

Infographic: Rising Popularity of Mobile Health Apps « Healthcare Intelligence Network

Healthcare Social Media: Choose the Best Tools for the Job [infographic]  #SXSH #hcsm HT @BunnyEllerin

Healthcare Social Media: Choose the Best Tools for the Job (Infographic) - New Media Communication - Healthcare for Tomorrow - Anicca Media - Leveraging Your Digital Presence with Confidence

What is mHealth? #infographic #mHealth

What Is mHealth? [Infographic]

The European Commission launched a new application called which allows devices to monitor and collect data more efficiently. mHealth can be used on mobile devices, "Personal Digital Assistants", smart watches and other body-worn devices or implants.

An infographic look at medical technology - the applications, growth and future of how we utilise modern technology to improve patient care and rehabi

There are numerous industries that take advantage of technological progression - IT, education, travel, etc - but one of the most dramatic impacts of an ev

Good explanation of health + IT #Healthcare_collaboration_network

Infographics: What is Health Informatics and What Are the Benefits?


The Annual HIMSS Leadership Survey covers a wide array of topics crucial to healthcare IT leadership including IT priorities, issues driving, etc.