Meagan Spanneberg

Meagan Spanneberg

Beauty resides in everything but not everyone has the ability to sees it. Live today because tomorrow isn't promised!
Meagan Spanneberg
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Leo+Sagittarius = Me and my Mom and I miss my Sagittarius mom dearly.

Today's Sagittarius Fact From!

Iam the most trustworthy person to tell your darkest secrets.

Sagittarius Daily Fun Fact

You betcha. We are experts at this so you think you know everything about us when in fact we aren't telling you anything and you know nothing.

When your friends don’t really know how your mom works: | 26 Moments That Made Anyone Who Grew Up With A Strict Mom Go "Shit!"

No thanks I choose life and you know it's just respecting your parents wishes…

You can't compete where you don't compare. Move on.

I need to personally work on this. Comparison is the thief of joy and it isn't fair to others or me. & it definitely doesn't do me any good. My life is mine to live.&that's all I can do 👌

...and they are loyal to you, never gossiping about or exploiting your sensitivities when you, or they, are feeling low (or anytime)... Friends have your back and you have theirs whether directly or indirectly. When you have found this kind of trust, you are blessed (esp by knowing enough to not settle for less which some learn the hard way). There is no substitute for this feeling. Trust...there's nothing worth more.<3

A true friend is not competive is not a hypocrite nor a fake one, A true friend accepts you for who you are