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Happy Birthday for you

For You, Happy Birthday happy birthday happy birthday wishes happy birthday quotes happy birthday images happy birthday pictures happy birthday gifs

Psalm 8:1

Psalm " YAHWEH" This is what God said to Moses when Moses asked, "What do I say when they ask who sent me?" Exodus 3 To say "YAHWEH" in Hebrew, sounds like breathing; just as God breathed life into us. His name brings life.

What's the difference between fasting/abstinence for Lent, and when should you choose which one?

An Illustrated Guide to Lenten Fasting Abstinence - Ahhhhhh, it's almost that time of the year again! Lent is coming quickly this year.


Why don't Catholics eat meat on Fridays during Lent? Why isn't fish considered meat?

Guys, please stop breaking the record for 30 seconds. lets take a moment to thank the lord for dying for us. Because without him, we wouldn't be here. #thankyou #goodfriday

On that first Good Friday, Jesus Christ died on the cross in your place. He took your judgment, your sin, your death.