285 Pins
a woman is sitting at a table in front of a laptop on a blue rug
Good afternoon from The Plettenberg! #mymcgrath
a living room filled with furniture and a fire place in the middle of the room
There's no such thing as the #MondayBlues - when sitting in front of the fire in our Winter Lounge.
there is a sculpture in the middle of a yard with mountains in the back ground
#vscocam Majestic Dylan Lewis sculpture in Kirstenbosch Gardens. #LoveCapeTown
there are many small pies on the wooden plate and ready to be cut into pieces
Melktert (milk tart) cups. #weareafrica #mymcgrath
a man standing behind a counter with food on it and people in the background looking at the camera
Head Chef of The Greenhouse, Gerald van der Walt, presenting dessert-style canapés at #weareafrica #mymcgrath
three people standing behind a counter with food on it and the words gattobonnic bar written in cursive writing
Head Chef of The Marine Chad Blows (centre) and team presenting delicious canapés at #weareafrica #mymcgrath
an outdoor patio with tables and umbrellas next to a pool surrounded by greenery
#MondayBlues don't stand a chance with this view. Where's your view today? #MeetSouthAfrica
a chef standing next to a cake on top of a table
Executive Chef Peter Tempelhoff putting some finishing touches on the protea cake. #weareafrica
the table is set with wine glasses, plates and giraffe figurines
Proudly #MeetSouthAfrica table settings for the #weareafrica welcome lunch!
the sun shines brightly behind footprints in the sand
#vscocam Footprints in the sand after a busy day on Grotto Beach. #latergram #discoveroverberg
two men in aprons are holding onto some plants
Our chefs digging up Jerusalem artichokes for our #weareafrica welcome lunch! #mymcgrath
a wooden swing set in the middle of a field
#vscocam There's a cute play park perfect for the little ones at Fernkloof Nature Reserve. #DiscoverOverberg
an old wooden bridge in the middle of a forest with lots of plants and flowers
#vscocam A stroll over this bridge makes this #WellnessWednesday for us.
two stuffed animals are sitting in a cage
#vscocam Objets d'art in The Greenhouse. #MyMcGrath
an assortment of food is displayed on a round table in a room with white linens
What a perfect morning for a #MyMcGrath #breakfast!
an open window looking out at the ocean and grassy area next to it, with a bench in the foreground
Looking through a window of a room for a view straight over Walker Bay; that's a #MyMcGrath moment.
an old car driving down the road with a man on a bike in front of it
#ThrowbackThursday - how gorgeous is this photo? The intersection of Main, Kloof and Regent Road in Sea Point in the 50s.
there is a trail going up to the ocean
(Image: a path leading from our hotel to the beach.) Plett has been nominated as Africa’s Leading Beach Destination in the World Travel Awards again! Visit www.worldtravelawards.com/vote, register to vote and navigate to Africa’s Leading Beach Destination. #plettitsafeeling
a person holding some food in their hands
Fresh Jerusalem artichokes, harvested in our gardens for dinner in The Greenhouse tonight! #MyMcGrath
a table and chairs under a large tree
#vscocam A wonderful place to sit and enjoy a good read this #WorldBookDay - where do you normally like read?
there are many different types of food on the black slate platter, including macaroons and marshmallows
#vscocam Have the long weekend blues? Brighten up with a #MyMcgrath moment with some petit fours.
an ocean view with a wooden walkway leading to the water
What are your favourite things to do with the family in #DiscoverOverberg? One of ours is definitely a visit to The Marine Pool. #FamilyDay
an egg carton filled with lots of colorful painted eggs on top of each other
The team at The Marine are getting creative this #Easter. #mymcgrath
two wine glasses filled with liquid and ice on top of a white tablecloth covered table
Our latest must-try cocktail for #ThirstyThursday from The Sand Bar is the Aperol Spritz: charged with bubbly! #plettitsafeeling
a white rabbit statue sitting in front of a potted plant on the side of a house
#vscocam We enjoy visits from bunnies all year round. #Easter
two eggs, ham and cheese are on a white plate with green sprigs
It's #EggsBenedictDay! The Marine adds a special touch by gratinating the hollandaise. How do you like them?
a tortoise shell laying on the side of a road
#MeetSouthAfrica and our #slowfive at The West Coast National Park: tortoises, whales, dune moles, sand sharks and porcupines.
a large white building sitting on top of a lush green hillside next to a mountain
Shake off the #MondayBlues with a refreshing cliff path walk. #hermanus
an outdoor dining area overlooking the ocean
Just another beautiful morning in Plettenberg Bay! #plettitsafeeling
some very pretty colorful leaves in the woods
#vscocam This #winewednesday we're celebrating our beautiful autumn vine leafs in our vineyard.