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Okay so like, mainly tumblr posts, but there are also things that just have that tumblr tone to them, you know?
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Ten produkt jest niedostępny - Etsy
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52 Inclusive Self Care Ideas for Mental Health
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Padawan Padmé and Senator Anakin AU
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can I get a yeehaw? - FunSubstance
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I'm sorry, it looks like your baggage is too heavy for the plane. You'll have to remove some items and put them into your carry-on, which is going on the same plane. IT'S BECAUSE OSHA REGULATIONS! A SINGLE PERSON IS NOT ALLOWED TO LIFT MORE THAN FIFTY POUNDS! BAGGAGE HANDLERS ARE PEOPLE! YOU PAY MORE FOR HEAVY BAGS BECAUSE THE HANDLERS ARE SUPPOSED TO USE THE BUDDY SYSTEM TO LIFT THOSE! IF THE TOTAL WEIGHT MATTERED SO MUCH, PASSENGERS WOULD GET WEIGHED, BUT WE DONT QUESTION THAT NOW DO WE? BB That actually makes the whole thing make a lot more sense, thank you! - iFunny
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27 Fresh Memes To Brighten Your Day
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