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My Body Belongs to Me animated video that does a great job of discussing body safety. This is GREAT so honest and blunt about it, really explains body safety in a capturing way for any age!

Before I Blame Myself And Feel Guilty

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) worksheets, handouts, self-help and other resources for clients and therapists. Assessment, formulation, and intervention for PTSD

Here is a jpg version of the emotions worksheet for teens who've experienced sexual abuse/violence. They circle the feelings they are experiencing.

Here is a jpg version of the emotions worksheet I posted (as requested by anon). Hopefully this works better!

Bullying and the Crumpled Paper Lesson | Babble                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Bullying and the Crumpled Paper Lesson- Once again, this is an awesome visual representation of how mean word can change how others feel forever. AND this one is a cheap exercise!