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Несколько лайфхаков для тех, кто любит шить.
Boxed Corner Tutorial
Flat felled seam tutorial by @thetalltailor on TikTok
Another style with pad
the sewing machine is next to some bags
Pincushion Organiser and Thread Catcher
the sewing machine is stitching through the fabric to make it easier for someone to sew
Insert a Zipper
invisible-zipper tutorial, from threads. I really need to learn how to do this. Zippers scare me.
instructions for how to make a pin cushion
Repurposed Pin Cushion Mason Jar
I was walking around Joann’s and found this DIY takeaway on how to make pin cushions using jars. But I was a little disappointed because it didn’t explain how to make the actual pin cus…
four pictures of different types of pink and grey fabric with white dots on it, including the headband
Panno biby creations Couture
a woman's arm with a flower on it and a pin in the middle
Fotos en el Muro de la Comunidad – 48.980 fotografías | VK
someone using a sewing machine to sew on the side of a piece of fabric
Washi tape as a sewing guide
Washi tape as a sewing guide - A girl and a glue gun
a woman's hand with two pairs of scissors on it, tied to a piece of fabric
Sewing Wrist Cuff - SEWTORIAL
Learn how to make a sewing wrist cuff of your own with this tutorial by Feeling Stitchy. -Sewtorial