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rustic wedding DIY ideas you can actually do

[tps_header]I love burlap. Truth be told, I wanted to fill my wedding with burlap and similarly rustic details. Burlap is so rustic and chic, provides great texture, and is CHEAP!

Zig Zag Modern Ruffle Cake by Jessica Harris -

Learn over 20 beautiful elegant cake textures! From ruffles, to concrete, to herringbone wood, to twisted loops and more, you'll be armed with lots of beautiful techniques for your next cake project!

Ombre mini fit your wedding color pallette, could do this nstead of cake or cupcakes. oR, have a cake for bride n groom n guests up to 3tiers in diff flavors. Make dessert table flow. Or bride n grooms cake for show, hand these to guests!

Ombre mini cakes to fit your wedding colors. You could do this instead of a traditional cake or cupcakes . Or bride and groom cake just for show and hand these to guests