INSTEAD OF: Leaving your hair down at all | 10 Easy Ways To Adjust Your Beauty Routine For WarmWeather

10 Easy Ways To Adjust Your Beauty Routine For Warm Weather

Funny pictures about It feels a bit humid. Oh, and cool pics about It feels a bit humid. Also, It feels a bit humid.

Lychee berries are native of South Africa. They are delicious to eat, for juice and make a mean martini

Lychee Fruit ~ Health Benefits & Recipes

Lychee fruit health benefits, higher concentration of vitamin C than oranges, B vitamins and Riboflavin, powerful antioxidant polyphenols, essential minerals copper and potassium. Improved health and disease prevention with lychee fruit.

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Vervet monkeys, the naughtiest creatures, but I love them. We get them in our garden, and stealing fruit and bread from the kitchen if we aren't fast enough

Sharks (Durban - South Africa)

Sharks Rugby Logo - Sharks & teams announced to take on the Blue Bulls on Friday

My kids grew up and learned to surf on these beautiful beaches.  Many happy weekends and holidays were spent on Addington Beach and Vetch's Pier.

10 of the Best Places to Visit in South Africa

Two Pronged Strike by Chris Bloom, over Pinetown/Durban area

Lightning can can be a very destructive force but the exquisite and beautiful patterns which emerge when lightning strikes are some of the most beautiful nature has to offer.

Photographer Sylvain-Emmanuel Prieur

Sylvain-Emmanuel Prieur

Sylvain Emmanuel [reminds me of swim team at Durban Girls'High in South Africa