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planted seams

Garden design by carolyn mullet: Plant stairs with succulents - this actually works very well, the succulents thrive on the heat from the stone in summer. If you periodically wash the stairs off with a hose, that's enough water for the plants.

Easy granny bag

Granny Square Bag -- One of my works in progress! (Though in different colours)

crochet blanket

The variegated yarns in these squares is Red Heart's TLC Essentials. I used three colors: "sedona", "coraline", and "island".no pattern but pretty colors

skona hem

I love the unique light fixture and the turquoise curtains. There is something that draws me to a mostly white room with bright accents. Not sure I would like living in an all white room though?

Handmade tiles on oregan side table

Handmade tiles on oregan side table

Garden: succulents, agave and poppies

A coastal California landscape sheds its grass-intensive roots to include succulents, flowers and even guavas.A shoestring acacia tree presides over succulents like fan aloe, agave Blue Glow and echeveria, as well as yellow horned poppy.