Spy Gear - Stealth Com Walkie Talkies With incredible range you can be in contact at a distance of up to feet. Build your collection of ultimate spy technology with Stealth Com Walkie Talkies!

Frequency Finder PRO by Brickhouse Security This bug detector has 5 different detection features and can remove even the most hard to find surveillance threat.

FLIR ONE Thermal Imager for iPhone FLIR ONE is a lightweight accessory that transforms your iPhone 5 or into a powerful thermal infrared camera.

Kids can get covert with this fantastic spy gear meant for secret fun! The Micro Gear Kit includes all the gear a young spy needs. It features a micro …

Spy Eyewear Sunglasses Hidden Camera / DVR Video This is the world’s first HD quality video camera eye-wear. The sleek and elegant style suits most faces. I recommended these glasses for journalists, traffic police, and travelers.

Top-class accuracy: GPS satellite technology ensures a tight fix on the tracker' location for unsurpassed accuracy.

Cool Spy Gadgets: Agent Spy 007 Stealth Spy Pen Series 2 HD Hidden Video Camera-Best Premium Digital & Audio Quality with True HD-Free 8GB SD card included-Real 1280x720p-Easy use-Great for Secret Covert Capture or Web Cam -works with PC Mac-LIFETIME WARRANTY

Bird Feeder DVR Night Vision Weather Resistant This innocent bird feeder hides a wide angle lens camera that has a 140 degree field of view. The Micro SD card has a capacity up to

Xtreme Life Landscape Stone QUAD LCD You can install up to 4 hidden cameras and get simultaneous Quad Video Display and Recording.

Color Smile Face Badge Hidden Camera While wearing this smiley face people will automatically look at it and you could get a great photo of them. It has real-time AV Recording, video Resolution of built-in memory of

Secret Spy Bolt Container hides valuables where no one would look.

Buy COB LED Amber Traffic Security Emergency Warn Strobe Truck Roof Flash Light at online store

iMeshbean® New Full-frequency Anti-spy RF Signal Bug Detector It will detect a microphone with a built in in transmitter also known as a bug. It can detect radio frequency transmissions across the full spectrum of the operating frequencies used by most transmitters, including wireless phones, wifi, baby monitors, and wireless cameras. #iMeshbean #FullfrequencyAntispyRFSignalBugDetector

PANICTECH(TM)Lightest USB Digital Activated Voice Recorder Once activated it can record up to 8 hours. The formats that can be played are It has a built-in flash memory. The sound quality is very good. Don’t lose the USB cable as it is an unusual item.