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Math Worksheet with Fidget Spinner

This worksheet is for personal and educational use only, may not be reproduced, distributed or sold without express written permission from Becky Mansfield, Your Modern Family Our kids LOVE fidget spinners, so for our Kindergartener,

Math Freebies

Scroll down to find math FREEBIES for the K-5th Grade Classrooms from Teacher's Take-Out! Click on the picture of the freebie to be taken to the blog post that explains all about it. You will be able to download the freebie from there. I keep adding to this board. Check back later for more updates and new freebies.

Figurative Language Week!

This week we are learning about figurative language; Metaphors, Similes, Personification, Hyperbole and Alliteration. The kids love to "ding" when they recognize the form we are studying that day in a book we read to go along with it. We read "Tar Beach" for Metaphors and "Owl Moon" for Similes. In Math, we are still working on Place Value. I have been telling the kids that when rounding, we have to knock on our neighbor's door to decide if we should round up or down. Then I saw a great…

Comparing Fractions Anchor Chart., Teacher Idea

Comparing Fractions Anchor Chart., Teacher Idea #623 in the Digest of Ideas at TeacherIdea - Where Teachers Share Great

What's the Bug Deal? - Cara Carroll

Just wanted to pop in real quick and share a few things we’ve been up to this week! This week we’re learning all about insects. Since there’s SO much to learn…and so many little insects to cover…we’re taking two full weeks to learn about these little critters. This week is a big introduction to …

English Expressions about Friendship • Learn English with Harry

Plenty of English expressions about friendship with explanations and examples. Two peas in a pod meaning. From intermediate to advanced in no time.

30 Awesome Anchor Charts to Spice Up Your Classroom

Anchor charts are awesome tools for teaching just about any subject! index.php?destination=spelling%201

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