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Gay is OK<<< I respect gay people and all but it's different when you say "Larry is real" it's just not right the way Lou and El are together doesn't match up with this ..elounor forever:)

gay rights. Equality for all. Gay people are people like any other person and if they can't get the same rights that murderers and criminals have then our society is severely flawed.

Awww, IDK why but my heart melts over 2 guys happiness :)

Kiss me now! This is what these guys are thinking or saying ! They look so happy to do so, that I cannot refrain to show you theses series of tender images. Ordinary people or very hot models, they…


A Dad Dropped His Son Off on a Date and It Restored My Faith in Humanity ----- Crying, this is sweet. Especially considering most dad's aren't happy seeing their teenager kiss anyone, regardless of their partner's gender lol. I know my dad sure wouldn't b