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Treal Dress Slippers - Ted Baker

Treal Dress Slippers - Ted Baker

Suede Dress Slippers - House of Hounds Alfred

House of Hounds Alfred Suede Dress Slippers

Idris Elba / sexy as hell.

Idris Elba, British film and TV actor who played Mandela, has a powerful presence. The hot pink tie oozes confidence. He's one of GQ Magazine's best dressed gents.

Wine suit by Prada. Brunettes can wear dark reds like this very well but check to see what it looks like when it's on you Before you buy. Pay attention to how it makes you look. Sickly? Handsome? Most importantly: how does it make you feel while wearing it?

Ollie Edwards and Tyson Ballou by Doug Inglish for Hercules Universal Issue II Vol.II, “The Havana Affair”.