The Digitization of Health Care [INFOGRAPHIC] #digitization #healthcare

Are Robot Doctors In Your Future

¿Cómo un smartphone puede ayudar en tu salud? #infografia #infographic #health - Frikipandi

¿Cómo un smartphone puede ayudar en tu salud? #infografia #infographic #health

Working Out With Technology

Let's Get Physical and Digital : Smartphones can do just about anything, but can they help you lose weight? According to latest survey, smartphones and technology are increasingly becoming an essential part of the workout process.

The use of digital health technologies and social media has transformed the exchange of healthcare data, with mobile apps monitoring everything from blood sugar to medication adherence, and text-based reminders urging smokers not to give into that craving. This infographic also presents data on the role of search engines in healthcare research, how social media creates more engaged and aware patients, and how digital healthcare is affecting today's industry.

What: Healthcare in the digital age (infographic). Healthcare is making its social presence known! Why: everyone is paying attention;

Infographic : Primary Care Use of Digital in the US. #HIE #HealthcareTechnology

Infographic: Primary Care Physicians Use of Digital « Healthcare Intelligence Network

Infographic: 5 Digital Health Trends Reshaping Healthcare in 2015

Here are top 5 digital health trends that are reshaping and redefining how healthcare is delivered and experienced today and in the future. Arundhati Parmar Digital health is dramatically reshaping and redefining how healthcare is delivered.

#Mobile Technology in HealthCare - The following infographic from healthcare solutions firm Healthx highlights the change that smartphones and tablets have had on the health industry. Results show that there will be 44 million m-health app downloads by the end of 2012, which will rise to 142 million by 2016.

Infographic Mobile Technology in Healthcare, Healthx via

How Technology is Changing Healthcare

TheFuture of Healthcare : how technology will change healthcare for patients, providers, payers and governments

The Mobile Health Around the Globe series spotlights different countries and what is happening in the way of mHealth in each one of them.  Read about mobile apps, studies on patient monitoring, apps for diagnostics and loads of great stuff coming up.  Or email us to participate in this series and we will consider it!

Mobile Health Around the Globe: Alliance Health Social Network

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