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a close up of a white paper with an ornate design on it's side
Curated Gift Boxes + Fine Gifts | Simone LeBlanc Los Angeles
an old poster for a box of delights exhibition at the royal pavilion, london
A Box of Delights (Paul Bommer)
Paul Bommer: A Box of Delights
some stamps are laying on top of an envelope and next to it is a swan stamp
Isla Simpson - Cottage Wallpaper & Fabric
a handwritten poem written in french with four leaf clovers on the front and back
L'alphabet des aveux - Louise de Vilmorin
the paris review magazine features two cherries
About — Matt Willey
About - Matt Willey
a drawing of a cake with writing on it
Andy Warhol Created a Cookbook, and It’s as Wild as You Might Expect