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masky, hoodie, and ticci toby

masky hoodie toby ^^^ Lol this is perfect XD<<< I drew somethin like this XD<<<<< Perfection


I'm crying :'( They just made another creepypasta thing out of a song. I think I'm in love with these<<<< Ok, I get that this supposed to be sad, but Jeff looks freaking adorable and don't you try to tell me different.

Masky & Hoody by on @deviantART

MASKY and Hoodie playing card outside in the freaking rain! You kidding me? I'm keeping my cold butt inside with the heaters, screw you two!

Ticci toby

Sing to me, songs of the darkness. Farewell to heaven my friend, come to me. Bury your sorrow, temptation. Await the condemned.

Hoody by on @deviantART

Open RP))Bryan walks through the court yard, creating black tentacles around him. He was mimicking a new art style he saw and he wasn't paying attention when he ran into you.