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Cant. Stop. Laughing.

Roller Coaster Ride Drops Can Be Scary - Hold On Shaniqua We Goin Down!: This girl puts on an epic face during the roller coaster drop. It looks like her eyes a

True .

I must admit, we do this in my clinical lab science classes.but only when the professor's put a detailed, hand-drawn image up on the projector, and it isn't in the powerpoints.


what a great idea. But I would say 'I ordered this last year.' Instead, cause I'm one of those annoying people that hate it when people say a year ago. Since, a year ago would be last years new years day.

soo true!

Oh My Gosh! This is the Exact Face My Kid's Make When My Husband and I are Busy Talking After Church ~ Hilarious!

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A student's face when. he's taking an exam and everyone around him is using a ruler, and he doesn't see a need for one.