How to be Healthier and Happier at Work

How to be Healthier and Happier at Work

Reduce eye strain and improve posture while at work! Fix has simple tips and tricks that will help reduce the negative impact your desk job has on your health.

Don't forget to do some of these things to keep your peepers healthy.

Tips for Keeping Your Eyes Healthy #infographic

Telemedicine refers to the usage of telecommunication methods to provide healthcare and medical services remotely. With healthcare delivery already under pressure, telemedicine is poised to tackle lot many challenges of the industry head on. This infographic by Kays Harbor Technologies is an attempt to highlight the benefits of telemedicine.

Will Telemedicine Be the Panacea for Healthcare Industry? [Infographic]

Fun Fact Friday! 6/26/2015 Agee Chiropractic and Wellness Center…

Lounge lizard or folding frog? What's your workspace animal posture ? on Pikchur - Photo & Video Shari.

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